Welcome to the new Jones Robo-Works
Web Site!

I hope you enjoy your visit. This website has been a rather fun learning experience which started in mid October. There’s been 2 complete restarts, many deleted graphics, images and a new web hosting company just to start. Before this project I never knew about themes, plugins along with image sliders, sticky headers and the complicated and ever changing SEO (Search Engine Optimization). What’s great is that there’s thousands of YouTube tutorial videos from which to find the answers to most questions. 

This new web site has 2 shops from which to find available robots. The new Robot Shop page allows customers to purchase sculptures directly using PayPal Buy It Now. All the transactions are directed to a secure payment page. Payments can be made using PayPal accounts or credit cards. In addition to the new Robot Shop, there’s a link to the Jones Robo-Works Etsy Shop. 

In the future this post section will probably be used as the what’s new section. It’ll feature new robots, videos, future shows, events and maybe even a rant or two! We’ll see how it goes.

Thanks for Visiting! 


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