The Mighty Steampunk Spider Bot Classic Robot Sculpture is now available on the Jones Robo-Works Robot Shop!

Introducing the newest addition of available great robot sculpture creations on the new Robot Shop Page here at the Jones Robo-Works website! The Mighty Steampunk Spider Bot Classic Robot Sculpture is a rather unique piece weighing in slightly under 8 pounds and measuring 9 inches tall at the tail, 19 inches wide and 18.5 inches from the head to the tail, it is the nicest Don Jones steampunk spider… so far! This great arachnid sculpture is created in the true classic vintage steampunk tradition! This piece is sculpted from an assemblage of robo parts such as old spoons, vintage clock mechanism, steel round stock, engine lifters, furniture parts, and various other items. Spider Bot is intended as an indoor, floor or table display. All the pieces available on the Robot Shop are considered the prime pieces. The primes are the larger more expensive sculptures. These pieces can be purchased directly using PayPal Buy It Now. All the transactions are directed to a secure payment page. Payments can be made using PayPal accounts or credit cards. In addition to the new Robot Shop, We also have a link to our JRW Etsy Robot Shop.

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