Robot sculptures created from the discarded scraps of humanity!

Hello robot sculpture enthusiast and human art collectors.  Robot sculpture artist 
Don Jones of Jones Robo-Works invites you to share the re purposed assemblage android experience!  You’ve reached a place where junk, vintage, discarded and outdated is given a second life.  This is a place where nothing is thrown away… everything is saved.  A place where an old fork is a new steampunk robot hand.

A place where old tins become part of new one of a kind collectible robot creations that are then sold in art galleries, artist markets and online.  This is a life where a thrift store, a flea market and a yard sale are preferred over sports, malls and other mainstream activities.  This is a fun place to be and we really hope you enjoy your visit … Welcome!


Jones Robo-Works - robot sculpture artist Don Jones blog.

Martha Fembot Steampunk Assemblage Robot Sculpture -Jones Robo-Works

Introducing the Jones Robo-Works Martha Fem bot Steampunk Robot Sculpture. This happy, colorful, elegant robot sculpture is part of our table center piece project. This cute robot sculpture was created as a center piece for the 2018 Nebula Awards. Since then it’s been part of my studio decor waiting patiently for me to get this site

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Baker Bob Prime Assemblage Robot Sculpture

Meet the Baker Bob Prime Assemblage Steampunk Robot Sculpture. This is the first prime robot sculpture available on the Jones Robo-Works robot shop. The primes are the best, most detailed and time consuming pieces that are offered on this site. Baker Bob is the ultimate kitchen robotic assistant. He comes equipped with his own ladle,

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