Old School Cool Calumet Steampunk Assemblage Robot Sculpture by Jones Robo-Works

Meet the Old School Cool Calumet Steampunk Assemblage Robot Sculpture.Calumet is a rather rough, beat up, old, used, rusted, tarnished, anti social robot sculpture who really doesn’t care what you think. Just put him on a table,desk or on a shelf and leave him alone! This great little robot sculpture is a combination of assemblage and welded metal art. Cal is created from a really old classic used rough Calumet Baking Power tin. His wood head is cut from an old 2×4 and his metal head piece from a piece of furniture. Cal doesn’t walk since he is on a single vintage over worked used caster wheel that’s welded to a metal washer base. Even his caster wheel has an a bad attitude and doesn’t want to be bothered rolling around as part of a old couch with silly humans on top. Some of the other materials used are wood pieces. metal hands, bottle caps and welded metal and miscellaneous hardware parts. This sturdy old piece stands 8 inches tall, 6.5 inches wide and 3.5 inches

Calumet is currently listed on the Jones Robo-Works Etsy Shop!

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