Schick Bot Steampunk Assemblage Robot Sculpture product post by Jones Robo-Works

Meet the Schick Bot Steampunk Assemblage Robot Sculpture. Schick is a happy colorful robot sculpture waiting for a new home. Schick’s name comes from its head which is a vintage Schick razor case that sat on my shelf for years until its colorful tin was found. This great little robot sculpture is created from lids, wood, tongs, red flowered tin, washers, springs, tubing, the Schick tin and miscellaneous hardware parts. This wonderful piece stands 13.5 inches tall, 6.5 inches wide, 5 inches deep and weighs 3 pounds. The Schick Bot robot sculpture which is currently listed on the Jones Robo-Works Etsy Store where more of our smaller pieces are posted. Also if you want to see different posts, you can visit and like the Jones Robo-Works Facebook Page.

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