Big Wheel Battle Bot Steampunk Science Fiction Robot Sculpture- Jones Robo-Works

Introducing the Big Wheel Battle Bot Steampunk Robot Sculpture from another time. Big Wheel originally started it’s life as a service bot doing simple tasks that his human masters refused to do. BW is decommissioned in 2037 after being damaged in a bad industrial accident in which both arms and his front wheel were lost. Ten years have passed and Big Wheel is waiting to be shredded for new materials under the Decommissioned Robot Reclamation War Effort of 2045. The human war is going very bad with most of the original Battle Bots being destroyed along with the infrastructure to create new ones. Battle Bot has now been recycled and given a second life with new replacement arms, a battle electron wand, phase protector shield and a replacement big front wheel for rolling over his destroyed enemies. Big Wheel Battle Bot is now ready to go as the most advanced mechanical defender for the human alliance of 2045.

Big Wheel Battle Bot’s Original Damaged Arms

The Big Wheel Battle Bot robot sculpture is a nice size piece, measuring 14.5 inches tall, 11 inches wide 9.5 inches deep and weighs 6 pounds. Big Wheel like most of the Jones Robo-Works sculptures are intended for indoor display.

The Big Wheel Battle Bot sculpture is currently listed on the Jones Robo-Works Robot Shop page. Also if you want to see different posts, you can visit and like the Jones Robo-Works Facebook Page.

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