Firefighter Frank Bot Steampunk Assemblage Robot Sculpture by Jones Robo-Works

Introducing the Firefighter Frank Bot Steampunk Assemblage Robot Sculpture. Frank is a rather serious robot with the ability to fearlessly enter a dangerous situation, extinguish
the fires while safely rescuing all humans and pets alike. Frank can walk thru walls while putting out fires, light up an area with with his chest plate light and siren system, evaluate
air quality and keep connected to the outside command control with his 2 head gear antennas. This robotic rescuer is ready for all fire related 1st response situations.

The Firefighter Frank robot sculpture project was actually started years ago. The idea was there but it took a while to collect the parts needed to complete the piece.

Some of the parts used to create this sculpture are lids, conduit, clamps, flashlight parts, black rubber hose, brass hose nozzle, lamp parts, a wall mount emergency fire light, bearings and many miscellaneous hardware parts. This wonderful piece stands 18.5 inches tall, 8.5
inches wide, 9 inches deep and weighs 6 pounds.

The Firefighter Frank robot sculpture which is currently listed on the Jones Robo-Works Etsy Store where more of our smaller pieces are posted. Also if you want to see different posts, you can visit and like the Jones Robo-Works Facebook Page.

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Don Jones

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